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10 WordPress plugins that you seriously need to know

WordPress is the most popular CMS, powering nearly 30% of all the sites in the world wide web. Among the reasons why professionals and apprentice web designers and developers choose Worpress, there’s of course an overwhelming availability of  free and premium plugin, allowing to extend the platform base functionality. Nevertheless, abundance doesn’t not mean quality. Indeed, you might have soon realized that you need sifting a lot for finding some decent, malware-free and not invaded by ads piece of software (It’s what you probably do when you look for apps for your smartphone on Google Play Store or Apple App Store).

Here follows a list of plugins we think you need to know if you’ve started using WordPress. Many of them would deserve to be part of the standard WordPress package:

  • Admin Post Navigation
    We absolutely love this plugin. It offers “Previous” and “Next” buttons into the post editing page, allowing to easily navigate all your posts.  When you have such simple and powerful shortcuts, it’s a breeze to browse all your posts, for a quick review or update. Admin Post Navigation also supports custom posts.
  • Advanced TinyMCE Configuration
    It enables an enhanced version of WordPress standard editor TinyMCE. Among the many features offered, there’s the management of tables and fonts families and sizes.
  • Custom Post Widget
    This plugin offers a way to easily create modular content you can insert in widgets and post/pagess through shortcode. It reminds us of the Joomla! CMS way of working with modules.
  • Duplicate Post
    A great plugin from the Italian developer Enrico Battocchi: it enables a quick and  reliable cloning of posts and pages.
  • Enable Media Replace
    In-place substitution of media gallery files is now quick and easy, thanks to this simple and nifty plugin. A must have for quickly updating images you have already published and you need to replace.
  • Force Regenerate Thumbnails
    Effective plugin to really regenerate all thumbnails throughout your WordPress site.
  • Quick remove menu item
    An oldie but goldie, still working with WordPress 4.9.5. It allows for a quick deletion of a menu item, including all sub-items.
  • Simple Custom Post Order
    This plugin allows you to quickly re-order standard or custom posts, by mean of a simple Drag & Drop interface at back-end.
  • Category Order and Taxonomy Terms Order
    Drag & Drop sorting for categories and other taxonomy terms.
  • WP-Optimize
    Database cleaning and optimization at hand, without needing manual query.
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