Non just Likes: Facebook “Reactions” are coming

According to Facebook’s Chief Product Officer Chris Cox, facebook users will soon be able to overcome the “Like” button limit and express themselves by clicking new emojis. The so-called “Reactions” are in beta test on Zuckerberg’s platform since the beginning of October 2015 and will soon arrive in Italy. Reactions are an extension of the Like button, by which you can express love, joy, satisfaction, amazement, sadness, or anger. You can only send one reaction, as it was for the “like”. For example, you will not be able to send both your “love” and “like”, but you will have to choose one of the two.

Someone may appreciate the new icons but would still looking forward to seeing a “I don’t like” button. Mark Zuckerberg himself would have clarified in various interviews that he’s against a”thumb down” icon: it would communicate too much negativity, as opposed to “I like” that can still be used to communicate “empathy.” Do you agree? Please, let us know in the comments.

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