7 SEO Tips for Twitter

With its billion and more visits per month, Twitter is a very interesting tool for companies that want to engage in branding and lead generation.

Here are some simple tips to help you use it better:

1. Add pictures and links to tweets

It has been shown that images containing tweets generate 150% more than retweet, 18% more clicks, and 89% more than I like. Even inserting links into the tweet improves the engagement rate.

2. Twittate the post synthesis, not the title

Instead of tweaking the title of the last post on your blog or the news of your news site, make the summary in the tweet. Your chirping will be more interesting and the click-through rate will be better.

Also try using catchy and “viral” words, for example: “The 7 SEO tricks for twitter”.

3. Connect with influencers and interact regularly with your closest community

In your network there are more important people than others: those who regularly rethink, provide feedback and I like it or interact with you in other ways. Those people should be treated in particular.

There are also people who have a large number of followers and a remarkable reputation in your market niche: those are the influencers. Carefully keep in touch with your influencers, as they can put more into your tweets and connect with many potential customers.

4. Go ahead

Do not wait for your customers to twist you first, anticipate them! Twittate by addressing your customers or the general public by using a hashtag of their interest. Or, @quote specific customers for a one-to-one tweet.

5. For SEO, preferably use the URL not abbreviated

Shortened links through a shortener URL such as bit.ly or goo.gl will still have 22 or 23 140 characters available. If instead of having any more available SEO fonts for your site, then try to use the original URLs of your site.

6. Tweets composition rules

In the tweet, please follow this order: write the text first, then any links and @citazioni. Follow the #hashtag and finally the image. It’s just an indication, but feel you break the rules every now and then.

7. Award your loyal followers

Provide recognition to people who interact most often with you: you can offer discount codes or gifts, but just thank them.

Extra Bonus Bonuses:

8. 100 characters

Some show that tweets with higher click-through rates are those around 100 characters in length.

9. Call to action

Enter an invitation to action in your tweets to improve engagement.

10. Close tweets

Do not write tweets too close, especially if they contain links: they will lose their effectiveness. Let an hour or more pass.

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